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BM (Private) Limited

Company History

  • BM production unit was established in 1984 at the 2 biggest metropolis Lahore Pakistan.
  • BM was designed and constructed according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), to provide the controlled movement and storage of materials as well as contamination free processing.
  • The production unit is fully equipped with modern state of the art machinery.
Abdul Ghani Dr. Mohammad SanaullahDr. Amanulah BismilMohammed SaeedullahMrs. S. Ali Khan

1st Generation

Abdul Ghani Hakeem (Late) was a well renowned Naturopath of his time in pre-partition India. He began his career in 1899 and served his profession with great dedication throughout his life time. He was an author of many books on the subject of alternate therapies. He laid the foundation stone of today's Modern BM(Pvt)Ltd. based on his principles of Care and Cure in a most inexpensive way.

2nd Generation

Dr. Muhammad Sanaullah (Late) the founder chairman of BM(Pvt) Ltd. was also known as Al-Kashmiri. He started his professional career in 1948 and served mankind for more than 56 years. He became an authority on Homoeopathy as best health cares solution as being very effective as well as affordable to public at large. Based on his parameters of care and under the esteemed leadership of Amanullah Bismil the current chief executive Homoeopathic Medicine Manufacturing was started in the name of BM(Pvt)Ltd.

3rd Generation

In the role of Chief Executive Amanullah Bismil made his name in the life time of the founder Chairman. He gave the best of his life time to his profession and his dedication gave a new horizon to the Homoeopathic manufacturing industry in Pakistan. It was not long that Amanullah Bismil became a well recognised name in modern day Homoeopathy. Under his leadership BM(Pvt)Ltd. expanded beyond its borders and made its way to international markets. He has a long list of distinctions and is a physician of International repute. He truly deserves the credit for taking the BM(Pvt)Ltd. to a "A STEP AHEAD" against its competitors.

3rd Generation

Mohammad Saeedullah was elected as the new Chairman by the board of directors on the sad demise of founder Chairman Dr. Muhammad Sanaullah in the year 2005. BM(Pvt)Ltd. has greatly benefitted from his vast financial and policy management knowledge. He has brought in great strength in systematic control taking BM(Pvt)Ltd. to its new goals of becoming the Largest Homoeopathic Medicine Manufacturing Company on the globe. His broad vision and detailed eye on business affairs has multiplied the growth in its true essence.

4th Generation

Mrs. Sabeen Ali Khan stepped on BM platform in 2005 as Director Human Resource. She has given new dimension to the Human capital management in accordance with international standards. Under her leadership BM(Pvt)Ltd. Human Resource Department has gone through a total review to address employment issues in a systematic manner in adopting company policy.

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