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BM (Private) Limited

The Board Of Directors

1. Amanullah Bismil

2. Mrs. Neelofer Amanullah

Amanullah Bismil

Amanullah Bismil has a passion for continual improvement. He is rarely satisfied with him self and is continually striving to be better. He has an obsession of long learning and constantly reading materials related to his field of business as well as about his profession as he is one of the most renowned Homoeopathic Practitioner in Pakistan. He attends seminars frequently and joins groups that educate and inspire. He has God given ability to think strategically and execute plans effectively. He can focus on long- or short-term strategies and execute it well to keep the company moving in the right direction.

He ensures that his team members are always equipped with better and up-to-date tools, including use of latest technology, and environment to achieve the set out goals.

He is viewed by his employees as a resource for their success.

Mrs. Neelofer Amanullah

Mrs. Neelofer Amanullah
As director at times of her active participation have executed her responsibilities very well for the management of the company at the early stages of BM (Private) Limited. Executive Directors continue to benefit from vast experience of Mrs. Neelofer Amanullah while she has taken a back seat roll due her unfortunate health condition.

She as director ensures that the company does everything that it is obliged to do by law and that the decisions they make are in the best interests of the company and its employees.


The Executive Board Of Directors

Except where powers are delegated to a committee of directors or to a managing or executive director, the directors act collectively as a board. Individual directors do not have the authority to commit the company unless authorized by the board.

Mr. Rehan Farooq. Director Finance

Mr. Raja Mohammad Salman. Director (Plastic Packaging Division)

Mr. Mohammad Hafeezullah. Director Marketing Lahore Zone

Mrs. S. Ali Khan. Director Human Resources

Mr. Mohammad Ali Khan Lodhi. Director Export & Legal Affairs

Mr. Rehan Farooq

Mr. Rehan Farooq, Director Finance has done a Degree in Economics. He is one of the oldest serving members of the BM team. He has the capacity to understand the business as well as financial implications. He is responsible for maintaining true and accurate records of company's financial affairs. Mr. Rehan Farooq provides levels of analysis and explanation for strategic purposes in addition to the more traditional services of Banking & Finance Management.

He also leads the Accounts Department and inspires the staff to meet the standards, and integrity of books of accounts.

Mr. Raja Mohammad Salman

Mr. Raja Mohammad Salman, Director (BTS) He is a Gold Medalist in BSC Mechanical Engineering from USA. Mr. Salman is very prudent business man and has vast experience in resourcing plastic molding materials and pet consumer items manufacturing process. He has tremendous will power to accomplish the project objectives within the constraints of the project. Mr. Raja is involved with the planning, controlling and monitoring, as well as managing and directing the project resources to best meet project objectives. He is seen playing a roll of Parent at all times. He is a leadership Coach and Top-Team workshop facilitator for a wide range of tasks around the project.

Mr. Mohammad Hafeezullah

Mr. Mohammad Hafeezullah, Director Marketing Lahore Zone
He is a Gold Medalist and achieved his Mining Engineering Degree with distinction. He has a passion for learning new skills and has taken up many educational programs to better understand the business and its management. He is spontaneous decisions maker and has a very aggressive marketing approach by taking pride in acting as an ambassador of BM product. He is much matured, dedicated, expert in time management, also very well understands the value and importance of his roll in the organization as well as in the market. He is a player and a pleasant personality to work with.

Mrs. S. Ali Khan

Mrs. S. Ali Khan did her MBA (E) degree with dual specialization in Human Resources & Marketing. She came on board in year 2005 as Director Human Resources. She has a great talent and has attended many professional educational programs, diplomas and seminars to transform the Human Resources Administration and give employees as well as the company a well-rounded backup in all aspects of business operations. She also has an extensive knowledge about labor laws, equal employment opportunity laws and the administration of benefits as well as compensation etc. She has played a vital roll in transformation of the Human Resources Department at BM (Private) Limited to meet the needs of today's comparative environment.

Mr. Mohammad Ali Khan Lodhi

Mr. Mohammad Ali Khan Lodhi, Director Export & Legal Affairs is a talented Law Graduate. He has a good command over all aspects of the company's operation and the specifics of all positions necessary to carry out the company's mission and goals. His special skills, strategic business insight and interpersonal skills are seen as a major force to succeed in BM export mission under his leadership. He is making fundamental changes to explore potential client in Western Europe and Central Africa. He fully recognizes the importance of securing overseas business.

Mr. Mohammad Ali Khan Lodhi is also a successful lawyer and provides in house legal services relating to variety of issues at BM (Private) Limited.

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