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These are unmedicated tablets, BM offers disketts in jar pack. Which are of high quality, air tight packing and jobs are also shrink wrapped. These disketts and of export quality. BM is specialized in producing the disketts.

1Diskett Grain 1 White
2Diskett Grain 1 Yellow
3Diskett Grain 1 Green
4Diskett Grain 1 Pink
5Diskett Grain 2 White
6Diskett Grain 2 Yellow
7Diskett Grain 2 Green
8Diskett Grain 2 Pink
9Diskett Grain 3 White
10Diskett Grain 3 Yellow
11Diskett Grain 3 Green
12Diskett Grain 3 Pink
13Diskett Grain 4 White
14Diskett Grain 4 Yellow
15Diskett Grain 4 Green
16Diskett Grain 4 Pink
17Diskett Grain 5 (R) White
18Diskett Grain 5 (R) Yellow
19Diskett Grain 5 (R) Green
20Diskett Grain 5 (R) Pink
21Diskett Grain 5 (U) White
22Diskett Grain 5 (U) Yellow
23Diskett Grain 5 (U) Green
24Diskett Grain 5 (U) Pink

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