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Schϋssler Biochemic Tissue Salts

Schϋssler Biochemic Tissue Salts

Biochemic system of medicine is based upon the cell theory of virchow. In 1858 the great scientist pronounced the new famous dictum that the body is merely a collection of cells, and that medicinal treatment should be directed towards the individual cell. This great truth notably elaborated by Schϋssler with the full appreciation of the value of the inorganic constituents the the cell substance and part taken by them in the preservation of health of the human organism. Ultimately, the efficacy of Biochemic system of medicines are acknowledged worldwide.

Strength :  3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 200x and 1000x

Packing   :  25, 120 and 450 gm. 6x biochemic are also available in 100 blistered tablets

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Calcarea Fluor Fluoride of Lime1. A powerful remedy for varicose and enlarged veins. It is also used for malnutrition of bones hard & stony glands.
2. Also a useful remedy for congenital hereditary syphilis manifesting itself in ulceration of mouth and throat.
3. Used after operation, the tendency to adhesion is reduced.
4. It is useful for easy expectoration of thick and heavy phlegm.
5. It is of service in the deficiency of essential minerals of bones and teeth.
6. It is effective against rheumatism aggravated by cold weather.
7. Very effective for the protection of eye sight and protect from cataract.
Protect from cataract, varicose and enlarged veins. Hard and stony glands, rheumatism by cold. Malnutrition of bones.
Calcarea Phos Phosphate of Lime1. This remedy is indicated in dark complexioned, thin, anaemic persons.
2. It frequently controls anaemia and malnutrition in pregnant woman and her child.
3. It is of service when dentition is delayed and child is slow in learning to walk.
4. Widely used for problems related to dentition and calcium deficiency.
5. Weakness, anorexia and greenish diarrhoea and such other problems of children can be effectively treated by this remedy.
6. It is of service when the patient is worse in damp, cold, changeable weather and being relieved in warm, dry & summer weather.
Malnutrition, delayed dentition, Calcium deficiency, slow learner.
Calcarea Sulph Sulphate of Lime1. This remedy is indicated when the pus has found a vent, the infiltration has subsided but the discharge continues.
2. It is of service in bronchitis and tonsillitis.
3. It is useful remedy when mucous discharges are painful, yellow, thick and lumpy.
4. Regular use of calcarea sulphurica is very beneficial for infection in human body.
5. Burning & itching of soles of feet.
Bronchitis, tonsilitis, mucous discharge yellow & broad spectrum anti infection.
Ferrum Phos Phosphate of Iron1. It can be used as preliminary treatment of any disease.
2. The typical Ferr. Phos subject is not full blooded & robust, but nervous, sensitive, anaemic with the plethora.
3. It is useful in acute bronchitis & hyperemia of lungs. Expectoration of pure blood in pneumonia.
4. Haemorrhages, bright from any orifice e.g. nose, throat, lungs, stomach.
5 It should be remembered in day enuresis.
6. Ferr. Phos increases haemoglobin.7. Headache better form cold application. Soreness to touch, cold & noise.
Anaemic, Nervous and sensitive, Acute bronchitis, Haemorrhages, Enuresis, Aphonia.
Kalium Mur Potassium Chloride1. This remedy is indicated in catarrhal affections and in subacute inflammations.
2. It is useful in tonsillitis and nasal catarrh.
3. It is useful in pneumonia during the stage of hepatization.
4. It should be remembered in rheumatic fever & glandular swelling.
5. There is white or grey coating at the base of tongue an expectoration of thick white phlegm.
6. The liver is inactive, the tongue has a white or grey coating and bowls are constipated.
7. It is useful for white irritating leucorrhoea.
8. It is of service in severe ulcers, eczema and boils.
9. Effective against all the diseases which become worse by heat.
Tonsillitis and nasal catarrh, pneumonia, rheumatic fever, glandular swelling, coated tongue, constipation & leucorrhoea.
Kalium Phos Phosphate of Potassium1. A great remedy for chronic diseases, neuralgia & mental weakness due to over work.
2. It is a useful remedy for neurasthenia, migraine, weak memory and muscular debility following acute diseases.
3. It reduces nervous & muscular cramps.
4. Lack of nerve power, slightest labour seems a heavy task.
5. Mental & physical depressions are wonderfully improved by this remedy.
6. It should be remembered in the treatment of suspected malignant tumors.
7. Paleness of skin, urine, phlegm & diarrhoea are the main indication for this remedy.
8. It is a good source of power & energy which can be used in any age without hesitation.
Weak Memory, Neurasthenia, Mental and Physical depressions.
Kalium Sulph Potassium Sulphate1.This remedy is indicated during the third stage of inflammation when the discharge is yellow.
2. It is useful during the last stage of bronchitis and broncho-pneumonia.
3. It is useful in otitis and infection of inner ear.
4. The patient feels better while in the cool & fresh air.
5. This is the most recommended remedy for controlling the severity and further complication of diseases.
Inflammation of third stage, bronchitis, inner ear infection, better in cool and fresh air.
Magnesia Phos Phosphate of Magnesia1. The great antispasmodic remedy.
2. It is indicated in chorea, cramping of muscles with radiating pain. Neuralgic pains are relieved by warmth & Pressure.
3. Specially suited to tired, languid, exhausted persons.
4. Infant colic, flatulent colic, forcing patient to bend double relieved by rubbing, warmth, pressure accompained with belching of gas which give no relief.
5. All the symptoms aggravated due to cold applications can be cured by Mag Phos e.g. headache, toothache, chest complaints etc.
6. Suffocating sensation, must loosen clothing.
7. Goitre, spasmodic cough with difficultly in lying down. Whooping cough.
8. Menstrual colic, membranous dysmenorrhoea.
Great antispasmodic, Muscular Neuralgia, Colic, Headache, Toothache & dysmenorrhoea.
Natrum Mur Chloride of Sodium1. Natrum Muriaticum is an important constituent of all the compounds in the body.
2. It is indicated in weak, anaemic patients who are greatly emaciated and lose flesh while living well.
3. It is useful in the deficiency of energy providing salts.
4. It is useful in patients having problems of weight loss, indigestion, pale complexion & sense of coldness.
5. It is of service in constipation, great debility and neuralgia.
6. It should be of service in dyspepsia when the food taken produces a dull aching and distension of stomach and abdomen resulting in sensation of weakness and sinking of the stomach.
7. It is curative in delayed menstruation.
8. It is indicated in eczema. The skin about the nails is dry and cracked and there are hangnalis.
9. People living in cold climate are much more susceptible of these diseases rather than warm climate. Natrum Muriaticum is very effective for all these conditions.
Anaemic patients, weight loss, delayed menstruation, coldness, indigestion, dyspepsia, eczema, great debility and neuralgia.
Natrum Phos Phosphate of Sodium1. This salt is produced in blood, muscles, nervous cells and other parts of the body.
2. It has specific action on stomach, Intestines kidneys and joints and it is very essential for their appropriate function.
3. It should be remembered in all cases when there is sour eructations and vomiting, all the discharges are sour.
4. It is of service in diarrhoea, when the stools are sour, green or white. The tongue has a yellow golden coating.
5. It is of service in kidney stones, inflammation and infection of bladder.
6. It is also useful in enuresis specially in children.
7. It is also effective in rheumatism.
Regulates the functions of stomach, Intestines, kidney and joints. All discharges are sour, kidney stone UTI, enuresis and rheumatism.
Natrum Sulph Sulphate of Sodium1. It maintains water balance in the body.
2. The consistency of blood, urine and other secretions can be regulated by this medicine.
3. It is indicated in hepatic congestion and spinal meningitis with crushing pain at the base of brain with delirium.
4. The sputum is copious and of greenish colour.
5. Prolonged fever.
6. It is also effective against rheumatism.
7. All these above conditions are suppressed in warm climate.
Maintains water balance, regulates body secretions, hepatic congestion, greenish sputum & rheumatism.
Silicea Pure Flint1. It is an essential constituent of hair, nails and teeth. Silicea can stimulate the organism to reabsorb fibrotic condition and scar tissues.
2. Its use facilitate the body growth.
3. It is of service in ricketic children who have large head, open sutures and fontanelles. It is useful remedy for child who is slow in learning to walk.
4. It is useful in chronic bronchitis.
5. This is a good remedy for ailments attended with pus formation.
6. It is also useful in empyema, when the suppression is chronic and although drainage is good, yet the pus continues. It eliminates waste products from body and effective for the betterment of internal system.
Useful in hair, nails and teeth diseases, ricket, slow in learning to walk, chronicbronchitis, eliminates pus discharges.
FIVE PHOS 6XFIVE PHOSIf the mental, physical, general and nervous weakness due to loss of vital fluid occur, then Five Phos is considerd a useful remedy. These symptoms may also appear because of any sudden shock. Five Phos is also useful when the physica, mental & general strength becomes weak because of the sexual abuses. Five Phos regulates the lost strength. It also increases haemoglobin f lactating mothers and elderly women. Five Phos is used as a general tonic for those people who are busy most of the time in mental work. The use of Five Phos keeps the person tired free all the day long.

A genere tonic for all chronically wasting diseases; anaemia of young quickly growing people. Recommended for women who have been weakened by frequent childbearing. General debility and exhaustion with a lack of vitality.

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