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BM (Private) Limited

Chairman's Message

Mohammed Saeedullah

Since its inception in 1984, BM (Private) Limited has emerged as the most recognized voice of the Homoeopathic manufacturing industry within our country and beyond.

Dear Viewers, such proud recognition has only become possible due to the hard work of each and every individual who has served this institution during the past thirty years. I pray for those who have passed away, wish success to those who left, and admire those who are present today, well prepared to embrace emerging challenges.

We must all pay respect to our late father (Dr. Mohammed Sanaullah) who laid the foundations of this great organization and entrusted the responsibilities of the role of chief executive in Dr. Amanullah Bismil to fulfill his vision of a great Homoeopathic Manufacturing industry.

We have all witnessed that Dr. Amanullah Bismil has devoted the golden years of his life in shaping BM (Private) Limited to its present glory. He continues to work with utmost dedication and has successfully flown the BM flag high within Pakistan as well as overseas.

I strongly believe that with commitment from the directors. BM will be able to achieve many great things in times to come. We look forward to new ideas and contributions from our viewers too, as we strive to make BM better and stronger.

As a chairman, I look forward

1: To intensify efforts to help further promote BM's Image and products within Pakistan and beyond our borders.
2:  To enhance our capabilities and resources
3: To increase sustainability under any kind of circumstances
4: To achieve our goals at all levels within a specified time frame.

Another priority area is to go global by establishing overseas resources to assist the company in venturing into those markets. We are very privileged to have already established overseas presence in many countries. We need to capture a sizable business share to ensure that we remain the best.

The strategy outlines the four key thrusts comprising of crucial elements to propel our industry towards achieving our goal and greater heights. I believe this is the only way to increase the competitiveness of BM with its competitors.

We must always remember “Together we are BM”.

Thank you.

Mohammed Saeedullah
BM (Private) Limited
Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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