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BM Products

Homoeopathic Classical Remedies

Homoeopathic Classical Remedies

Homoeopathic classical remedies (Single remedy) contain one or more ingredients, obtained from different kingdoms: plant, mineral, and animal. Single medicines are manufactured by many Homoeopathic industries / pharmacies around the globe.

BM offers the largest range of single remedies and is among the top twenty on globe. BM Offers:-

Mother Tinctures
Homoeopathic Dilutions
Schϋssler Biochemic Tissue Salts
Triturated Homoeopathic Tablets
Homoeopathic Triturations / Tablets
Bach Flower Remedies


BM Patent Homoeopathic Products

Unlike homoeopathic classical (single) remedies, the patent products are the products specifically developed and manufactured by BM Private Limited that have a proper name (trademark). Therapeutic indications are given on each patent product. BM's patent products can be prescribed by a homoeopathic doctor and may also be recommended by a pharmacist.

BM Patent Homoeopathic Products

BM introduced its patent products more than two decades back. Gradually the range increased and at present there are about 375 patent products manufactured by BM on the basis of successful clinical and quality control trials. The patent products gained popularity and reputation among physicians, patients, pharmacists and consumers.

The demand of BM patent products increasing day by day because of its effective formulation, result orientation and best presentation. BM's Patent products are available in the following forms. Some of them are also available over the counter as OTC.

BM Nos 1 - 256 in 30mL Drops
BM Specialities Drops
Medicated Syrups
General Items
Sugar Free Medicated Syrups
Ointments, Creams & Massage Oil
Medicated Tablets
Bio-Combination Nos
First Aid Homoeopathic Medicine Kit

Un-Medicated Homoeopathic Placebos

Un-Medicated Homoeopathic Placebos

In Homoeopathy vehicle is a substance in which remedies are prepared or mixed and given for their internal administration. Homoeopathic vehicles are prepared from sugar of milk (Saccharum Lactis, lactose) or from pure cane sugar.

Vehicles are commonly known as.

  • Diskettes (Un-medicated  Tablets made of pure cane sugar)
  • Globules (Un-medicated globules made of pure cane sugar)
  • Blankettes (Un-medicated Tablets made of Lactose)

BM produces top quality un-medicated homoeopathic placebos (diskettes) in the different shapes and colours, for detail click here


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