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Boswillow Arthicare

An Effective Pain Reliever

Boswillow Arthicare


Boswellia D1,Capsicum D2,Cinnamon Q,Linum Usitatissimum Q,Nigella Sativa Q,Olea Europaea Q,Sesamum Ind Q,White Willow D1,

Specific Indication:

As Topical Anti-rheumatic: An agent when applied topically temporarily relieves the manifestations of rheumatic disease, or agents that are capable of delaying progression of the basic disease process in inflammatory rheumatic disorder.

General Indication:

Topical Analgesic: Analgesic are meant to relieve pain. These pain relieves when applied topically do not get rid the root cause what causes pain, rather they relieve pain. Or any agent that reduces pain when applied topically.

How to Use:

Massage over the effected area with 30 -40 drops of Active liniment in morning and evening followed by covering with bandage or piece of cloth.


140mL Quality Standard Packing


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