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BM 167


BM 167


AbrotanumD200+200C, BelladonnaD200+200C, BryoniaD200+200C, EchinaceaD200+200C, Iris TenaxD200+200C, LachesisD200+200C, Rhus RadicansD200+200C

Specific Indication:

Inflammation of the appendix, abdominal pain, poorly localized pain, pain is difficult to pin point, discomfort in the center of abdomen, pain comes and goes in waves, pain becomes more noticeable after few hours. Pain increased by movement or coughing. Sick and nauseatic feeling.

General Indication:

The appendix is a small worm like pouch attach to the large bowel right after the small intestine. Though the function of the appendix is uncertain and there seems to be no long term problem in living without it. Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix. It is thought that appendix begins when the opening from the appendix into the secum becomes blocked. If the inflammation and infection spread through the wall of the appendix, the appendix can rupture. On appearance of the symptom, duly properly diagnosed appendicitis, BM appendicitis compositum is successful in healing the appendicitis without surgical treatment. The symptoms of appendicitis includes, discomfort in the center of abdomen, pain comes and goes in waves, pain is more noticeable in few hours, pain increases by movement or coughing, disturb appetite nausea, sick feeling, raised temperature, flushed complexion and foul breath.


Adult: 10-15 drops, children half of the same, 3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.


30mL drops standard quality packing


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