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BM 111


BM 111


Ars AlbD6+60C, MezeriumD6+60C,Rhus ToxD6+60C, SulphurD6+60C, Zinc MetD10+100C, Anti CrudD10+100C, GraphitesD10+100C

Specific Indication:

Eczema mostly runs in families also known as dermatitis (Inflamed skin). Typically affects the inside of elbows, back of knees and face, but can cover most of the body. Dry skin easily irritated, occupational skin disease. Hand dermatitis.

General Indication:

All types of eczema cause itching, redness and some will blister, weep or peel. A general description of skin eruptions mostly not a disease, could be an allergic reaction, vesicles, thickened skin, itchy, pustular. It is also known as tetters, a clear psoric eruption and always a chronic symptom with different indications. Pus is discharged from infection, inflamed skin, skin turned red, blister and ooze. This disorder of eczema runs in families typically affects the inside of the elbows, back of the knees and the face, but can cover most of the body.


Adult: 10-15 drops, children half of the same, 3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.


30mL drops standard quality packing


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