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Sexovit Forte

General & Sexual Tonic

Sexovit Forte


Acid Phos30, Agnus Castus30, Anti Crud30, Ambra Gr30, Avena Sat30, Damiana30, Lycopodium30, Sabal Serrulata30, Selenium30, Staphysagria30, Yohimbinum30

General Indication:

This product is a nerve tonic and claimed to be valueable in the treatment of sexual impotence, neurasthenia and functional debility. It can be used in all conditions where a general tonic is needed specially to strengthen the CNS and hormonal system. In the writings of physicians this product is considered to have specific effect to enhance the sexual vitality in men. In some patients it has incredible results. It is also considered as an effective treatment for erectile performance. This remedy is given to the patients of poor nutrition, asthenic state and instability of the nervous system.It is useful remedy, increases energy, mental activity and sensation of buoyancy. It is also benefited in the treatment of senility and sexual weakness.


Two tablets twice a day before meal or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.


40 blistered tablets standard quality packing


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