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Hair Support

Hair care & nourishment with natural ingredients

Hair Support


Acid Phos D5, Arnica Mont D7, Ars Alb D6, Graphites D12, Jaborandi D4, Lycopodium D6, Phosphorus D7, Sulphur D6.

General Indication:

Hair support tablet contains natural homoeopathic ingredients. Its active composition has special effect on the hair, stimulates the hair follicles, controls and prevents dandruff, stops falling of hair, premature grey hair and hair with split ends. These problems may be the result of dietary abnormalities or atomospheric pollution. This BM-remedy may be helpful for better growth, repair of roots and ultimately all the problems of hair are removed.


Adult: two tablets after breakfast, Children: half of the same with water.


60 blistered tablets standard quality packing


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