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Bio- Calcium

Calcium Deficiency, Skin ailments

Bio- Calcium


Calc Fluor D3, Calc Phos D3, Echinacea D2.

General Indication:

Calcium is a vital mineral in our diet. Most people do not take enough calcium. Calcium deficiency is a silent killer. Osteporosis is the most common result of calcium deficiency. At the initial stage bones become lighter, hollow and porous.This is the origin of osteoporosis. Since calcium is also found in teeth and nails, a calcium deficiency can cause tooth decay and brittle nails. Moreover muscle cramps, muscle spasms in the arms and legs, back and leg cramps, numbness, tingling and joint pain all are the result of calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency may be treated with BM-Bio Calcium.


Adult: One tablet three times a day Children: Half the same or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.


30 blistered tablets standard quality packing


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