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To Control Diabetes mellitus



Momordica Charantia D1, Nigellia D1, Santalum Alb D2, Syzgium Jambol D1, Uranium Nitricum D2, Valeriana R. D2.

General Indication:

Diabetes mellitus can cause long term complications & can affect the functioning of major body parts. The important symptoms includes, frequent urination, irritability changes in appetite, weight loss, un-usual thirst, vision problem (blurring spots), tiredness, fatigue, numbness or tingling feeling in the hands or feet, repeated infection, slow healing of wounds, impotence, disorientation or confusion. This BM remedy may be helpful for the sufferer of above mentioned indications.


Adults one tablet three time a day, Children half of the same as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.


30 blistered tablets standard quality


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