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Homoeopathic Triturations / Tablets

Homoeopathic Triturations / Tablets

In Homoeopathic system of medicine, the insoluble crude ingredients are converted into medicinal substances through the process of trituration. The medicinal vehicle in this case is saccharum lactis (Lactose). BM has converted trituration powder into tablet form for convenient use, as it is an easy method to take medicine. These tablets are prepared according to the Hahnemannian method of preparing medicines in his writing of chronic diseases. Homoeopathic triturated medicine increases the therapeutic potentialities & greater curative value than their crude form. A medicinal substance in potentised form possesses greater healing power than its crude form.

Strength :  3x in tablet form

Packing   :  25, 120 & 450 gm

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